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A Fusion of Technology & Style. This unique pendant delivers active FREQUENCY effects, advancing wearable holistic wellness technology. By integrating earth resonance frequencies and natural magnetic field conditions, better known as Schumann frequency/field. 

The body is based on magnetic energy and frequencies. Both are essential to our body's activity and is important for Well-Being. Magnetic fields can be found everywhere and are part of evolution as a whole. 

BUBBLE2 Frequencies

Solfeggio Code

Discover the mysterious world of selfeggio sound frequencies. 

Chakra Code

Organ Code

Promotes mental clarity and harmony in your daily life.

Promotes a holistic balance for your inner fuctions

BUBBLE2 Benefits

Promote focus & concentration.

Re-establish a connection to the elemental force of the earth (grounding). 

Improve Mental Clarity

Screenshot (1).png

Increase general well-being. 

Balance out fluctuations in the Schumann earth resonance & field conditions. 

Increase life energy.

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