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At CENTROPIX, we take a holistic view of wellness and fitness, therfore your well-being is three fundamental areas: PHYSICS (electrical reactions), CHEMISTRY (chemical compounds), and MECHANICS (tensile forces). Our mission is to take mental and physical well-being to the next level using PEMF/PEMA (pulsed electromagnetic field/ pulsating electromagnetic activation). 

What is PEMA - Pulsating Electromagnetic Activation?

"All forms of perservation of life, especially the application of pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF), according to the physicist and physiologist Prof. Dr. Wolf A Kafka, one of the founding fathers of this modern form of application, go back to the activation fo the interactions between electrons, atoms. and molecules tha tunderlie the naturally given preservations processes. They are aimed at supporting the "inner doctors" of organic life." 

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