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CENTROPIX protects your home with COCOON. The COCOON is an at-home technology that neutralize the negative frequencies of e-smog fields caused by man-made EMFs. 

Replicate natural frequencies of the Earth with the COCOON and bring vitality and life into your home. 

The COCOON technology mirrors the Earth's 8 Hz magnetic field and transmits it throughout your home. Our breakthrough COCOON technology brings the natural life force frequency to you and your family. 

The Ultimate Protection Against Non-Thermal Electrosmog & MFDS

Electrosmog & MFDS (magnetic field deficiency symdrome) are invisible threats to your body.

A COCOON of 82ft diameter surrounding your home means protection and vitality 24/7. 

COCOON Benefits

Improved Mental Clarity

Unlimited Vitality & Quality of Life


Better Daily Performance & Teamwork

Screenshot (2).png

Increased Fitness & Wellness

Reduced Stress

Optimal Sleep Quality

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